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December 11, 2009


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Pamela Shearman

The house looks so festive - especially the Palm tree - cannot believe how its fronds have grown! love the new Santa made from Palm. I too have large pieces of Arizona bark -from a large Palm Tree, found on the ground after horrendous wind storm, outside one of our favourite restaurants. So it came home with me, as my Son-in law shook his head in disbelief at the Family he had married into!!!!!Love Mum - hmm, wonder where that "saving stuff" comes from?xxoo

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The decorations of your home was beautiful. Great job!

Deirdre G

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This pics are looking very amazing. This garden is pretty very handsome. My Goodness to see this. !

Pond Pumps

Even I love the mosaics too. You owe a natures very useful resources in your garden. It is really a lovely morning with lovely flowers. It seems that you are having the natures great stuffs around you.

Pond Kits

I have too much of the Arizona bark of a palm tree found in the field after the terrible storm of wind, was one of our favourite restaurants. Then he came to me and my son shook his head in disbelief at the family had married!

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I like to your house. I also like your make palm tree for charisma. also very nice santa close.I am brought new tree every year in my house. I have also going Restoration to eating every charisma day.

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I am really appreciate for showing this house. This is very nice palm tree and also very nice boat. I would be like to visit in the same area. When I was child my family all member go this same place. This seen is remind for my childhood. this is really nice seen.

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