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November 11, 2009


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Pamela Shearman

Thanks a bunch - I really needed to cry!!!!!!!!Love Mumxxoo I say a huge thank you each and every day, that Matthew came home safely to us.


Hi mum, Sorry:)I do too! I was just thinking today how I called you as the buses were pulling in, still makes me cry!

Pamela Shearman

I was so touched that you made that phone call! There is a Christmas commercial that makes me bawl my remaining eyeballs out - it shows the troops in the heat of the desert, and suddenly it starts to snow - they are gazing in disbelief. The scene then shifts to a Mother kneeling down to her little girl who has just been to talk to Santa. Mum asks "what did you ask for?" She replies "something for Daddy" Yikes- that is a true heart wrencher - whoever thought of it is genius. Have to go find Kleenex!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you

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