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October 28, 2009


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Pamela Shearman

Happy rainy Wednesday!!!!!!! Yes, i am growing a Pineapple Plant - it summered on the back porch, and did well - now inside as temperatures here now are not condusive to pineapple growing!! Did not do the plastic bag thing? My only negative about the plant is how do you stop the leaves from creating white, old looking tips!!!!I noticed that the plants in Lowes -complete with baby pineapples - also had white tipped leaves. Any suggestions? I am proud of myself that it actually rooted!!!!! Love Mum xxoo


Hi~ sometimes I do the bag trick and sometimes I don't here in SC. It just helps with the humidity and we had plenty of that:) I cut the dry tips off when they look ugly.. I just stuck 2 more in the ground and the squirrels have dug them up,and I keep replanting them, we are having a pineapple tug o' war
Love and miss you~xoxo

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i love pineapple~~

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